Investment Overview

MOCA have developed key strategic partnership agreement with, a leading medical cannabis digital marketing company to promote our products internationally, on platforms including

Partnership with

MOCA has submitted to the New Zealand government, propriety Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) developed to meet Australian and New Zealand Government regulations for the construction and operation of a cannabis research facility. These procedures orientated around security and safety are designed to meet stringent government requirements.

Organic Marijuana

The company is expanding into New Zealand to establish a cultivation centre and to set up wholesale distribution networks. Presently MOCA owns significant intellectual property including:

Australian Government Department of Health Licence to import and export medical cannabis.

New South Wales Government Licences to supply by wholesale and licence to supply by wholesale medical cannabis products under the Poisons and Therapeutic Act 1966

The company also has developed significant intellectual property including a Proprietary Drugs and Poisons Control Procedures meeting the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act, 1966 and approved for a license to; Supply by wholesale and manufacture cannabis medications.

The company operates out of its state of the art, Australian Government approved, pharmaceutical grade warehouse and distribution Centre in Eastern Creek, New South Wales and the facility has an international focus.