Investing in Cannabis in Australia

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd

Exponential growth in the cannabis industry is anticipated in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. We would be so bold as to say that in the coming years CBD, a compound found in the cannabis plant will be even more common than vitamin C. This product will be in a myriad of different consumer products from food to beverages to cosmetics to medicine to Pet-foods and many other things.

It’s fundamental to understand the opportunity that cannabis provides and that is underscored by The fact that all humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system which responds to cannabis. So Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) has developed techniques and platforms to source and seek out premium organic quality cannabis products from cultivators in United States, Canada, Uruguay Canada, Israel, Jamaica and many other countries and connect them up with discerning buyers.

Cannabis growth as an industry

Graph above shows prices of recreational cannabis around the world

In the medium-term, recreational cannabis is emerging everywhere as a alternative to the alcohol and beverage market. The first country to legalize recreational cannabis was Uruguay and that was followed by Canada in late 2018. The demand has been extraordinary and we have seen significant demand in states within the United States that have also legalized cannabis. Take for example Las Vegas and New York which are both had extraordinary growth over the last short period.

It’s really quite amazing the number of people who are interested in or Already consuming medical grade cannabis or recreational drug cannabis. In fact the cannabis industry is looking to become a $500 billion a year industry with steep and staggering growth year in. Consider Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) as an excellent ground floor investment opportunity in Australian and New Zealand.