Invest in the Cannabis Industry in Australia - A Ground Floor Opportunity.

The international cannabis industry is growing rapidly and has been since the legalisation of medical cannabis over a decade ago. Medical cannabis entered into the mainstream consciousness as a result of scientific advancements that showed the healing properties of the plant.

As a result of science demonstrating the versatility of natural medical treatments, the medical cannabis industry internationally has flourished. Australia changed its legislation in 2016 and now medical cannabis is managed and regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Currently all medical cannabis medication is accessed via a prescription issued by a medical practitioner. The supply to patients of cannabis medication is managed by pharmacies and the manufacture of products is a combination of locally manufacture and imported products.

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA), entered into the Australia marketplace in early 2017, and obtained federal and state licenses to wholesale cannabis medications. MOCA is the countries first organic cannabis company with a focus on lowering patient access costs. The companies management team is scientifically based with 4 scientists directing the companies growth in the pharmaceutical sector. Led by Alessandro Sorbello, the company has a global focus with operations in Australia, New Zealand and a cultivation facility in Italy.

MOCA are cultivating and wholesaling organic cannabis around the world - learn more

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia

Australian stock exchange shares in cannabis

Cannabis is the flavor of the month and has had its share of highs and lows in 2019. Faced with challenges in regulation, legalization and recently situations involving dubious quality vape products in the market has seen tumultuous results. Now we have seen prices reader mentioning.

Of course, cannabis is a product and commodity like others and now the mature markets in United States and Canada are faced with increased global competition. Investor expectations are being reassessed.

Australian company Auscann Group Holdings Ltd took a beating lossing 65% of its value, whilst other companies such as Cann Group Ltd, Cresco Holdings Ltd joined Althea Group Holdings Ltd and Botanix Pharmaceuticals LTD in significantly reduced price stocks. Read More

Buy Cannabis Shares

Buy Shares

Buy Cannabis Shares focuses on emerging companies that are appearing on the marketplace offering points of differentiation. The market is flooded with new entries and in a completely competitive and dynamic market. Points of differentiation are fundamental along with management teams and a robust idea. It is these companies that we work with promote and assist in the growth these companies are the ones that offer the greatest quickest opportunities for commercialization growth and monetization.

Our range of companies are selected and we work with a handful however, they are market leaders and global dominators. We have companies in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and emerging markets in Jamaica, Israel, and more.

Cannabis Market Growth

In the last, business media has focused regularly on the powerful growth of the global cannabis industry. Starting with medicinal cannabis, and, in years that are more recent with recreational cannabis.

We have seen the business market growing rapidly around the global cannabis industry. Sectors from cultivation to production, extraction and accessories have boomed in countries like United States and Canada.

Cannabis Reform

In October 2019 the final report, reviewing Australia’s medical cannabis framework was presented to Parliament.

Seeking to simplify the program in Australia, 26 recommendations were submitted, including simplification of the license in resume for cultivation and production and manufacture of medical cannabis. The report sought to remove constraints on the use of medical cannabis products. It suggested that the operation of the license be moved away from the Office of Drug Control and into a sector, which had more of a commercial focus. The report also called for greater clarity and certainty for the industry specifically in the Office of Drug Control regulatory approach.

Why Invest in Australia

Australia and New Zealand have taken very similar courses in introducing legalization of marijuana for medical use. The system is designed to be secure and safe for patients and citizens. In fact, the use of Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is a prescription only product that requires federal approval to be used. Considering that CBD has no active THC compounds so you cannot get high. , Also considering that the WHO deemed it safe and free from abuse and addiction, the market in Australia is ripe as legislating changes.

Invest in the Australian and New Zealand Cannabis Industry

The Company we are promoting Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd. are a dedicated team of professionals, highly motivated by the enormous potential of medical cannabis. They are the fastest growing cannabis business in Australia & has recently received its federal licences to import & export medical marijuana. The company is focused on Premium Organic Medical Cannabis Products. They supply a range of Cannabidiol (CBD) & THC/CBD, organic cannabis products.

Cannabis Industry Growth

The growth of the international cannabis industry is fueled by the growing medical research. The key to this research is the endocannabinoid system and the importance it holds in human health and wellness.

Questions Cannabis Producers and Researchers Are Asking In 2019

The increased legalization of cannabis worldwide has driven a corresponding growth in research and development. The industry has progressed from foundational products like cannabis flower, often high in THC, the compound known its psychotropic effects (the “high”), to derivative products such as edibles, vapes, and even hemp-based non-psychotropic CBD. Read more

Cannabis predictions for 2019 from Entrepreneurs On The Front Line

Ten out of fifty US states, encompassing more than half the Country’s population, will now have access to legal recreational marijuana. Canada went legal in late 2018 and Israel continues to expand its medical marijuana research. What’s next? Entrepreneurs in the industry cite new ways to invest, better testing and the continued explosion of CBD products as some of the biggest trends. Still, the industry is fundamentally selling a product that is deemed to be illegal by the USA federal government, so the biggest question on everyone's mind is: will cannabis be taken off the Schedule 1 drug list? Read More

Online Cannabis Sales Are Thriving Thanks To The Rise Of Cannabis Marketplaces

With a market capitalization close to $1 trillion, Amazon is the largest company in the world. It got there by capitalizing its ever-increasing reliance on e-commerce, delivering products faster, more efficiently and more conveniently than physical retailers.

Over the past two decades, almost every aspect of the retail sector has been impacted and transformed by the web. Companies are now expected to complement physical establishments with a sleek and easy-to-use online component. Those that capitalize on the 14.3 percent of retail sales that are now made online, a figure that grows higher every year.

Nonetheless, nothing can stop the inevitable.

Cannabis Is Gradually Moving Online

Cannabis retailers can and must move online. Companies turned to the web to help them capture the growing market and according to Marijuana Business Magazine, the vast majority of hemp-based CBD products are sold online as the demand for CBD continues to soar into the stratosphere.

Despite the regulation, any retail cannabis or CBD company that’s not establishing its online is quickly making itself obsolete. Millennials and Gen-Zers who grew up experiencing the convenience to the modern consumer won’t tolerate having to put more effort into buying cannabis than they do buying their clothes, food, or smart phones.

Still unsure about what this means? According to Cannabis MD’s Knowledge Navigator, CBD online is more popular than Beyoncé or the Kardashians!

Enter Digital Marketplaces and Delivery Platforms

Digital marketplaces and delivery platforms are playing a pivotal role in bringing cannabis retail into the digital space. They currently offer cannabis companies the easiest way to move products online without setting up their own digital presence.

By 2024, Americans are expected to spend more than $22 billion a year on CBD and hemp-derived products and by 2025 as much as $66 billion annually on cannabis products in general, the vast majority of which will be spent online.

Federal Government wants to see 'evidence' legalizing cannabis is a good idea

A row is brewing between the ACT and Federal Government over controversial moves to legalize cannabis in Canberra from early next year.

1. The Economic Implications Behind The Debate for the Legalization of  Cannabis

After a prohibition that in the USA began in the 1920s, countries all over the world are considering the legalization of cannabis for its healing properties and as a way to deal with its increased consumption. Marijuana is the most widely used illegal substance in the world, so introducing modern regulations that allow regulated access seems the way moving forward. Some Governments around the world have taken action to regulate the cultivation and consumption of cannabis, this is the case, for example, of some states in the United States, Canada and Uruguay. Now the focus is on Europe. where the regulation of cannabis for medical use is under discussion in the European Parliament and some States have a new debate on the economic benefits that the legalization of cannabis can bring. Read More

Cannabis Business is officially considered legit worldwide

Cannabis is very rapidly becoming a global financial matter of interest as nations ranging from the U.S. to Canada to Colombia to Israel — to name just a few — are actively discussing how to best partner up and get in on this massive inexorable economic force that seems to crush everything in its way. The most powerful marijuana enterprises worldwide will soon create the industry’s global supply chains, lower costs, and lead to expanding scientific research for using the plant as medicine. Read More

Whoopi Goldberg talks about marijuana and wellbeing

Whoopi Goldberg talks about marijuana and wellbeing
Whoopi Goldberg

“I’ve spent the better part of my life supporting causes that were important to me. I’ve championed social issues, human rights and concerns of the voiceless, among other things.” said comedian, actress, writer, singer, and entrepreneur Whoopi Goldberg in an editorial about cannabis she wrote in 2018. Her latest venture, she explained, was helping women gain access to the analgesic and other therapeutic properties of the marijuana plant. Read More

Privately held Australian company shortlisted to supply cannabis to Italian Ministry of Defence.

Rome July 7th 2019

In a classic case of David versus Goliath, a privately held Australian medical cannabis company challenges the world’s largest cannabis companies to become one of only four companies under review by the Italian governments Ministry of Defense (MOD) to take the prize estimated at US$1,700,000. Read More

Invest in the Cannabis Industry

Similar to dot com boom of the late 1990's, the medicinal cannabis industry internationally is very buoyant, with expected demands over the $380 billion mark internationally.

The benefits of the cannabis industry and investing in medicinal marijuana are far outweighing the benefits from the 90's because, companies are producing cannabis for immediate sale and conversion into medical products.

No Rush to Legalise

28th December 2017

A GP hotline NSW Health claims will “cut the red tape” for medical cannabis will take advice from a doctor who has said we should “stop the hype” around the drug and there is “no rush” to legalise it.

Medical cannabis advocates are concerned at the involvement of Professor Jennifer Martin in the $6 million statewide advisory service aimed at helping doctors get quicker access to the drug.

Investment Strategy

Our areas of focus are; Australasia, Europe and North America. We focus on these areas because they are markets that are currently tightly regulated and abide by certain legal principles.

We recommend investors who are looking into cannabis as a source of wealth to become familiarized with key concepts about the plant.

The key consideration and fundamental to the medicinal component of medical cannabis is the discovery that human beings and animals have an Endocannabinoid system, which is intrinsic within the body.

Cannabis Trends

New Cannabis Trends for 2019: What’s Hot In The Marijuana Sector

This week’s Green Market Report and AxisWire released the 2019 Cannabis Trend Report. This is the third annual report detailing the major trends in the cannabis industry highlighted by the press releases and headlines published throughout the year. The report plunges into the worldwide industry’s hottest topics and looks at where the trends will lead over the next few years. This market insight helps investors, entrepreneurs and business operators navigate the marketplace.

The Rise of CBD Worldwide

Companies focusing on the cultivation of hemp based CBD products are finding significant demand for high-quality products.

Our investment focus is on companies that are clean producing high-quality CBD biomass and flowers for extraction into CBD medications.

What are the active compounds in the cannabis plant? One is called Cannabidiol or CBD and this compound has become extremely popular among the health and fitness consumer market. Its power lies in its therapeutic versatility and benefits.

Cannabis Markets

According to Barclays September 2018 European Consumer Staples Report the global cannabis industry could be worth USD$272 billion by 2028. European government-subsidized health care systems with a current budget of $1.3 trillion in spending will bring the medical cannabis market to dominate Europe and become the largest medical marijuana market in the world.

A 2018 cannabis report from Deloitte found 74 percent of people surveyed have had prior experience with recreational cannabis, and 41 percent have consumed it in the past five years. Not surprisingly, the study found that approximately one-third of cannabis consumers indicated an interest in buying products online.

Invest Cannabis Industry

The Economic Implications Behind The Debate for the Legalization of Cannabis

So cannabis investments and investing in the marijuana industry makes great sense but where do you begin. There are so many companies out there all vying for a place in the marketplace so which of these companies have the big picture in mind. We direct your attention to Medicinal Organic cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty Ltd which launched in Australia in early 2017 as a result of the change in legislation to the Australian government for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.

Investing in Cannabis in Australia and New Zealand

Australian based Company poised to deliver high quality pharmaceutical grade cannabis to national and International markets.

In recent times the staggering growth of the medical cannabis industry worldwide has been widely reported by the media. And it’s little wonder, when you consider the reason why cannabis has become so popular, it’s easy to see, and understand that we are only at the beginning of what will be a massive growth industry in the coming decade.

The key reason behind this enormous growth, is that cannabis contains many compounds which interact with the human body to reduce good health. It’s part of an intrinsic system that all humans and in fact all animals have in the system responds and feeds off the cannabinoids found in marijuana.

Given this revelation, The medical industry is experiencing a significant shift in focus as cannabis becomes an alternative to treating a range of elements including pain, which is a $650 billion a year industry.

This company is innovative and approaching the market sector from a myriad of ways including digitally. Its focus is in attracting customers and users over the Internet and by partnering with leading media company New Realm, the company is able to deliver website access to platforms such as

They are a fully licensed import export company who starting from the distribution and working backwards towards cultivation enabled the company to meet its demand by creating it in the first place.

Federal Government wants to see 'evidence' legalising cannabis is a good idea

A new ACT law that legalizes the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana will come into effect next year

The ACT's Attorney-General says federal police have better things to do than pursue cannabis users

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr says he does not expect cannabis use to increase after legalization

Senior federal ministers have been highly critical of the ACT's move last month to legalize possession, consumption and cultivation of small amounts of cannabis for adults in Canberra from early next year.

Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter is still weighing up a response to the legislation, which his office only saw in full this week. Read More

A growing number of Australians want marijuana legalised

Possessing, growing and smoking cannabis will be legal in the ACT.

The Federal Government is unhappy with the legislation, questioning it on multiple fronts

Health Minister Greg Hunt wants to see what evidence the ACT considered before the legislation was passed

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has penned a letter to ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, calling on him to produce any evidence he considered before supporting the legislation, regarding the health impacts of cannabis.

The ACT Government last month passed legislation legalizing possessing, smoking and growing small amounts of cannabis from early next year. Read More

The ACT Government has sent the Commonwealth a strongly worded defence of its cannabis legislation, warning against any attempt to overrule the contentious law and "will of the people".

Coca-Cola is closely watching CBD in drinks

The Coca-Cola Company is "closely watching" the wider use of cannabidiol (CBD), the naturally occurring non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant in drinks. This is another sign cannabis-related products are getting more acceptance in mainstream culture and a harder look from US business.

The statement came after reports the beverage giant was in talks with Aurora Cannabis, a Canadian company to create a health drink infused with CBD. Full Story

Support for the legal cannabis in United States has grown in the past year.

OCTOBER 23, 2019

Over 66% of Americans polled recently support legalizing cannabis for recreational use. This represents a rise of over 30% between 2005 and 2018.

Gallop Poll’s regarding cannabis date back to 1969 and at that point only 12% of Americans were in favor of legalizing cannabis. This rose very quickly and by 1977 nearly 30% were in favor. Now this figure is now at 66%.

Significant majority groups were young adults and people under the age of 30. This group represented 80% in favor of legalization

Senior citizens on the other hand are in favor of legalizing cannabis to the tune of 49%. Generation X baby boomers and people of this generation represent 62% of the survey. Read more

New research from Roy Morgan shows increasing numbers of Australians across all age groups want to legalize marijuana – although 49% remain opposed.

Overall, 42% of Australians now support legalisation of marijuana, up 9% points in just four years. The percentage who say marijuana should remain illegal is down 7% over the same period to 49%. A further 9% are undecided.

Australians aged 18 to 34 years old are the most likely to support the legalization of marijuana. This is also the segment of the population where opinion has shifted to the greatest degree over the last four years.

These are the latest findings from the Roy Morgan Single Source survey, derived from in-depth face-to-face interviews with over 50,000 Australians each year in their homes. Read More