Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA), is an Australian based Company poised to deliver high quality pharmaceutical grade cannabis to national and International markets.

In recent times the staggering growth of the medical cannabis industry worldwide has been widely reported by the media. And it’s little wonder, when you consider the reason why cannabis has become so popular, it’s easy to see, and understand that we are only at the beginning of what will be a massive growth industry in the coming decade.

The key reason behind this enormous growth, is that cannabis contains many compounds which interact with the human body to reduce good health. It’s part of an intrinsic system that all humans and in fact all animals have in the system responds and feeds off the cannabinoids found in marijuana.

Given this revelation,  The medical industry is experiencing a significant shift in focus as cannabis becomes an alternative to treating a range of elements including pain, which is a $650 billion a year industry.
Investing in Cannabis in Australia and New Zealand
Of course the beauty of cannabis is it does not have the negative side-effects that pharmaceutical opioids had including addiction.

This in itself is it another reason why cannabis is an excellent investment because it’s working to reduce the  devastating affects of opioid addiction which affects between 25,000,030 5 million people worldwide.

So cannabis investments and investing in the marijuana industry makes great sense but where do you begin. There are so many companies out there all vying for a place in the marketplace so which of these companies have the big picture in mind. We direct your attention to Medicinal Organic cannabis Australia (MOCA) Pty LTD which launched in Australia in early 2017 as a result of the change in legislation to the Australian government for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis. 

 This company is innovative and approaching the market sector from a myriad of ways including digitally. Its focus is in attracting customers and users over the Internet and by partnering with leading media company New Realm, the company is able to deliver website access to platforms such as organicmarijuana.com

They are a fully licensed import export company who are currently seeking applications internationally for cultivation licenses. Starting from the distribution and working backwards towards cultivation enables the company to meet its demand  by creating it in the first place.