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Medicinal Organic Cannabis (MOCA), is an Australian based Company poised to deliver high quality pharmaceutical grade cannabis to national and International markets.

In in October 2016, Australian government legislated to make provisions for the legal cultivation of cannabis for medicinal all of service with the necessary approved licenses and permits. With this change in legislation, Australia enters into the marketplace which is already inhabited by countries such as Italy, Israel, Canada, United States and many others which have legislated to make available medicinal cannabis.

Research indicates that the cannabis products have beneficial properties for a series of medical conditions and symptoms including pain, epilepsy, and a number of other clinical conditions.

MOCA has entered a partner approach with a leading Canadian producer of medicinal cannabis. The Canadian expert company has developed unique sustainable techniques to produce high-quality, medical cannabis for patient use.

MOCA applies high standards of QA and QC to different segments of the Medical Cannabis industry, allowing us to meet and exceed Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and GACP protocols, globally.

MOCA is continuously creating worth for investors through high yield agriculture, tactical joint ventures and over 40 years’ collective experience in the Medical Cannabis industry

Legal Status of Cannabis in Australia:
Medical Cannabis was rescheduled in 2016 making it no longer fall under the most stringent of schedules, reserved for dangerous drugs (similar to Schedule 1 in the U.S.). This means that medical products containing marijuana are now eligible for listing on the Australian Register of Therapeutic goods - making them accessible with a prescription. The states retain the right to determine if the drug will be allowed, the people who are permitted to use and dispense it and the appropriate form and dosage.  

It remains illegal to grow or use cannabis for recreational purposes.

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