The Dutch approach

In the Dutch medicinal cannabis program, a number of medical indications have been selected as the primary target for cannabis treatment (listed in the table below).

The reason is that for these conditions the most extensive clinical proof is available. Many patients suffering from these diseases cannot be helped sufficiently by conventional medicine either because there is too little e ect or the side effects are too severe. 
In general, medicinal cannabis does not cure these disorders, but it can relieve the symptoms associated with them or stop progression of the disease. Co-medication with cannabis may also enhance the effects of other medication, and/or reduce harmful side effects associated with them. 
In the Netherlands, it is up to physicians to determine whether treatment with medicinal cannabis would benefit a patient, depending on the specific diagnosis, symptoms and circumstances. In this, they are not limited to the list of conditions given below. A physician will usually only prescribe medicinal cannabis if the standard treatments and registered medicines are not having the desired effect or are causing too many side effects.