Medical marijuana is one of the strongest new investments of the future. It is successfully being decriminalized in several states across the country, and it is on the forefront for lawmakers in numerous other states. As this new medicinal business continues to grow and becomes more public across the country, the stronger this investment market will become.

This tremendous growth has continued to draw greater public awareness on how big the medicinal marijuana business is and how fast it continues to grow as a major investment for investors daily.

Medicinal business investments have now become larger than wheat and corn combined. In the agribusiness world of investments, it would easily be the highest valued cash crop in the country. This new state of the art agribusiness (medicinal marijuana) has created numerous investment categories for investors. These categories consist of equipment, software, consulting, sales, consumption products, stocks, entertainment, growing nutrients, growing tourism, producers, and media. Having numerous investment categories, allows for investors to not always have to be experts in marijuana or in business investments.

As medicinal marijuana continues to become one of the largest investments of the future, you need to understand it has also become one of the leading political gateways to the future for uprising politicians. These politicians will continue to be influenced more and more by over 70 percent of the country’s population who believe that marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes. As opportunistic investors see politicians continue to vote to legalize medicinal marijuana into a legitimate business investment, the stronger the cash crop will become in the world of strong business investments for investors. Leading medical marijuana research and investment firms are estimating the medical marijuana business will generate two and a half billion in revenue this year. This is up by almost one and a half billion from 2013. Investors also believe that this figure could go well over ten billion dollars in the next five years.

As the growers and the sellers of medical marijuana show profit, there are a large amount of other businesses, lawyers, insurers, agricultural-equipment businesses, and most importantly the employees that will profit. This will be reflected in stock options and cash investments that will provide greater investment opportunities for all investors. And for the small time regular investors looking to invest– there are numerous small-cap stocks that stand to profit from medical marijuana’s growing legalization.

The key to quality investment is to have quality political favor that helps the business thrive and achieve to its highest potential. And in the world of medical marijuana, it is the essential key for all investors looking to profit in the future. If you want a strong investment portfolio for the future, start with your vote on, Election Day.